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K3 dead ?

Few days ago I was successful in "debricking" K3 WiFi. Today I wasn't so successful. During flashing of 'kernel.bin' I put the address 0x00000000 instead of the correct 0x00041000. It happened after filling the address (howto - 9) and picking MMDC/SD in the dropdown menu (howto - 10). I didn't notice the address changed back to 0x00000000 after the change in dropdown menu.
(I suggest switch order of 9 and 10 in "K3noobdebrickATK" howto).

My Kindle looks dead or is it still chance? On 'pastebin' I found 'bootloader' and 'kernel' for FW 3.3.
If I found even 'rootfs', could it work again? Do you know where I can find 'rootfs'?
How should I correctly apply the 'rootfs' on my Kindle? Do you have any other suggestions, which help at this point?
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