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Originally Posted by ManDay View Post
Could anyone give an insight on what's the status for developing for the M92? I've read the Wiki but that just basically says "Do this, do that" and doesn't really reveal the actual state of what can be done.

Starting with a vanilla mainline kernel 3.6, is it known to anyone out there what is required to set up working system?

Is there any hardware which is not properly adressed by in-tree modules, i.e. which requires drivers from onyx which either may only compile against older kernels or are propriatary alltogether?
Onyx devices (62/92) use i.MX508 SOC ( wich has support for e-ink displays.

vanilla mainline kernel does not have all the necessary drivers required for this SOC, in particular to support e-ink controller

for this SOC freescale has heavy patched kernel version and u-boot version 2008.08 with all needed drivers (including initialization code for e-ink display in u-boot and e-ink controller driver in kernel)

see (2.6.35 branches) and (2009.08 branches)

Onyx devices use an even more modified version of this kernel and u-bool loader

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