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Originally Posted by JimmXinu View Post
It was a deliberate design decision by the developer at the time to include 'Cancelled', but make 'On Hiatus'=>'In-Progress'.

Given that 'Cancelled' already breaks the Completed/In-Progress two state paradigm, I don't have a problem including 'On Hiatus', too. Plus, replace_metadata now makes it easy for users who disagree to hide it again.

Give this test version a try, see what you think.
Aw man, you rock. It works wonderfully.

Thanks for all your help, Jimm. I really appreciate it.

Another question: I think I may have asked this before in a cruder way, but I was wondering... Is there a way to set FFDL to always download metadata, but only download the epub (actual book file) if it's newer? This would be a good solution for those managing large collections, especially those that have ratings/descriptions in the metadata. Ratings for obvious reasons, and descriptions because some authors change the description if they release a sequel.

Another benefit would be one-pass updating. Currently, if I want to update my library, I have to do one pass for metadata only and another to check for updates on the fic itself.

A way to update metadata always/epub if newer simultaneously would lessen the burden placed on the fanfiction site's server, and make the updating process easier.

Of course, at this point, I'm probably the only one using these features I've requested, so I feel quite guilty for these requests. This is just an idea I had. Please ignore at will.

Thanks again for all your help!

EDIT: Looks like I asked this exact question two months ago:

I later say that "overwrite if newer is perfect for my needs", and I guess it is if I really think about it. Honestly, the rating for a fic probably won't change significantly and I go to the website to rate every fic I read, so it's not like I'll miss a description/possible sequel update.

I am kind of confused, though. When running an update to "overwrite if newer", FFDL downloads the metadata for every story regardless (too check if it should download a new epub, I'm guessing). What does FFDL do with the metadata for fics that aren't newer? It discards them? Is there any way to save that metadata and update the fics that arent newer without having to run FFDL again?

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