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Thanks for the replies everyone!

Originally Posted by speakingtohe View Post

As you are in Canada and possibly in a remote location (I know what that is like) I would suggest ordering from Future Shop. Free shipping and at least two weeks after delivery to get RMA for return.

I don't read pdf's on reader but this video indictates kobo do it okay.

Yeah, I've had good experiences the few times I've ordered from Future Shop in the past, so (assuming they carry whichever reader I end up choosing) I'd definitely give them a shot.

Originally Posted by freewheeling View Post
I'm an academic and have been looking a long time for something I can use to read 8.5x11 as well as reference material. I was waiting for Amazon to come up with the next generation of Kindle DX machines, but they've been discontinued in favor of little tiny video devices for watching movies and doing email, and the LCD screen isn't the best for your eyes anyway, as well as having terrible battery life.

You need a 9.7 inch screen at least. That's all there is to it. You might be able to pick up a used DX, but for the most part they're going pretty dear. Some used are selling above the new price. I finally gave up on it and ordered a Jetbook Color by Ectaco. It's $500, although I noticed that if you get it by the 6th you can get $30 off (click on Daily Deals on the Ectaco website). It's good for a lot more than just reading papers though. You can even learn a language on the darn thing.

I've also overheard people talking about an Onyx Boox or something like that. Lots of things to consider. Someday they'll make a good cheap 9.7 inch eReader, but not yet. If you don't do a *lot* of reading, get a tablet like the iPad. If you do a lot of reading, I guess it depends on how young you are and how long you want your eyes to last.
Thanks for all the info. Unfortunately, $500 for the Jetbook is well out of my price range. I'll take a look at the used DX market, though. Also, just to clarify, the only thing that bothers me about an LCD screen for this purpose is the temporary eye fatigue, not the (non-existent) risk of permanent damage.

Originally Posted by ApK View Post
This is precisely the issue here.

In a screenplay, the line spacing, indentation and character emphasis on the page give queues to structure.

Joydot can correct me if I'm wrong, but it's important to be able to see, at a glance, the page formatting as the writer typed it.

(also, with a rule of thumb of one page per minute screen time, even the page numbers are a structural cue.)

You are correct sir.

Unfortunately, it looks like the perfect device for me (and apparently a not-insiginficant number of other people) simply doesn't exist yet. I guess I'll have to decide whether a less-than-ideal solution like an LCD-screen reader or a tablet would be a useful enough upgrade from my laptop to warrant the price tag.
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