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I found an alternative way of tagging books by language. I used the "tags" field to set the language in the abbreviated form: en, es, fr, ca, la, ... for English, Spanish, French, Catalan, Latin, etc. And then I append this to the template - {tags} and it gives me:

Johanot Martorell - Tirant Lo Blanc - ca
Johanot Martorell - Tirant Lo Blanc - es
Johanot Martorell - Tirant Lo Blanc - en

It's shorter and I like it better to have ca than to have Catalan.

Thanks to all of you for your help!

Now I really wish there were a "translator" field, because I have multiple translations of this book. (Cervantes praised it as the best ever, in case you're curious about the Tirant to blanc obsession running through this thread)

EDIT: I found out that you can add your own column, e.g. translator, illustrator, other_authors, etc.. Great!

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