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Micah, thanks for "Collections." That is a big improvement to the app for anyone who has a fairly large number of books loaded.

Two small things, however:

1) In the "Library" list please let me know what collection(s) each book is in. I have quite a few manuals (camera, airplane, etc.) and there is no easy way AFIK for me to tell whether they are in the proper collection or in any collection at all. If I have 50+ books on my library list and have forgotten to put one of them into the appropriate collection it is as good as lost.

2) The "Collections" list is ordered according to when I added the collection, oldest to newest. This is not very helpful. I would like to put "Library" at the bottom and sort the rest of the list alphabetically but I can't figure out how to change the order. Please add this feature or let me know where it is hidden.

Thanks again. Great app.
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