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Quality Check Plugin

Originally Posted by theducks View Post
Use the Quality check plugin to swap Author names.:
First run the metadata check: find Authors with Commas
Select all the results (de-select those you do not want to change)
Then run the:
Fix: Swap Author....
Fantastic advice theducks, I would never have worked that one out by myself.

The plugin is very easy to use. It has a huge amount of possibilities. Using it and some labor time, I've been able to clean up the different fields I find useful (title, author, language, Publisher [why isn't there a "translator" field and a "other authors" field (for preface, introduction, etc.)? an oversight!]). I've been able to fix the author names.

I discovered that amazon is not consistent in naming, for instance, none other than... Cervantes, who is at times Miguel de Cervantes, at other times Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra, at times Miguel Cervantes (of course he was all of these and more).

I'm still having a minor issue with the format of the titles, e.g. I get:
"A. A. Milne - Red House Mystery, The.azw"
when I'd rather have:
"A. A. Milne - The Red House Mystery.azw"

I haven't yet worked out how to not get the article "The" tagged at the end. The book title is the way I want inside calibre, but it is changed when saving to disk. This is my template: {authors}/{authors} - {title}.

I tried both "language" and "languages" and neither worked. Ah but I notice a new post by chaley on the topic.

Bottom line theducks

P.S. While all my authors are listed alphabetically by the first name, e.g. John Stuart Mill is listed below "I" and before "K", the author A.A.Milne whom you'd expect to sit right at the top instead is immediately below John Stuart Mill, so the double A is ignored by calibre. Anyway, not to worry, it doesn't bother me, just a comment in passing.
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