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annoporci began at the beginning.
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thanks to both of you, itimpi and theducks, I'm getting closer.

I've managed to swap the author and title fields in the file after I "save to disk" by selecting the following template:

{authors}/{authors} - {title}

So that's pretty intuitive once you've worked out where to look. Thanks a lot for your help.

It seems there's no way to batch-convert the authors format from "Twain, Mark" to "Mark Twain", correct me if I'm wrong.

I also wanted to add language to the file name.

Based on what I read there:, I tried:

{authors}/{authors} - {title} - {language_strings(lang_codes, localize)}

Based on intuition, I also tried:

{authors}/{authors} - {title} - {language}

Neither works. Does anyone know how to do it? Many thanks.
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