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Sigil 0.6 self-created styles - where are they?

I don't have Tidy turned on, but Sigil 0.6 has, on its own, created a style (called "IGotHired" ... it's a recruitment program I'm converting). Problem is that I can't find that style definition ... not in the external stylesheet nor at the top of the current xhtml file (the way it used to do when Tidy was turned on). (If it helps, this was text pulled in from Word using "Save as filtered web page.")

When I press "Go To Link or Style" it takes me to a blank line at the top of my own external stylesheet, but the "IGotHired" style is nowhere to be found in the stylesheet. As far as I can tell, the style doesn't do anything, although it would be nice to have it put the text in italics. Trouble is, I can't find the style anywhere. Should I just overwrite it by creating my own "IGotHired" style in my own stylesheet? Should I consider that Sigil is *suggesting* that I create such a style (it basically just surrounded the words with <i> and</i>, but once it substitutes its own "IGotHired" style, the style does nothing. Any thoughts or suggestions?

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