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hello! I'm new here!

i have the same question about the big readers, which one to buy?

what I know is, there is a difference in the display.

some points are important for me:

a good and relative easy support in dictionarys. somewhat like the prst1 has it would be perfect. i push the button and i get the translation, which is deep enough, and can be further looked in. not only at the infinitive. the more different language possible the better!

then i would want to read pdf books in all sort of science, or whatever format they are coming. but i think it is most pdf.

i want to read chm files, epub, html, maybe getting newspapers and magazines on the device.

notes are not so important to me.

at the moment i found the pocketbook 912 and the onyx boox m92. but i'm not quite sure which of the two is better for me, since I want a quite stable thing. I'm not so good in programming, it interests me a little, but can't put too much effort in at the moment

I read about many discussing in the onyx forum about firmware, bugs, and problems. Don't know, but that already sounded like a little too much work for me.

if the pocketbook is just some what slower, but can do the things better I would prefer it.

i think is the higher price about 100$ worth the onyx92, or is it too unstable? but I'm ready to buy more, when i get with what i'm more lucky.

sure perfect would be an e-ink color device with all perfect features. don't really want to read and research all that stuff, maybe you can help! guess many others will have similar questions!

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