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need help

Originally Posted by Minda View Post
I was having that same problem. I followed the instructions in the DE help for the PRS-505:
I had to connect the Reader, open DE, use my adobe login to authorize the reader with Adobe. To get my DE book to work on the Reader I had to make DE show my books in a list by using the list icon on the top right, and then dragged the book to the icon for the PRS-505 on the left.
Once I disconnected the reader from the computer it took it about 5 minutes of showing the arrows chasing each other in a circle before it let me see the DE book! Frustrating! I could cry all over again, but it worked. I hope you can get yours to work too!

I still am having problems even after following all directions. It could be because I am trying to load a public library book (PDF) onto the reader. It loads onto reader - tells me how long it is, etc. But when I look at the Reader - there is only one page and I get the message "protected page". I thought I had read that you could load public library books onto the Reader. Will this happen when I buy a book in PDF from from vendors such as "Books on Board", etc. Any help would be appreciated.
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