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Dropcap madness

A previous thread discusses decorative initial caps and gives code for them. I had tried using a drop cap and found that while the it looked fine in a browser, when I converted to .epub or .mobi, it became a stickup cap in readers--projecting above the first line. I didn't really care, but there was extra space between the first and second lines of the chapter.

In hopes of eliminating that, I changed the dropcap to just a larger (2em) capital, bold, but the extra space between the first and second lines is still there (I assume because of the 2em cap). The earlier thread refers to a blog by John Nachtimwald, with some sample files, including a stickup cap that's 4 ems. Unfortunately, there's also a 4-em space between the first and second lines of the chapter, so it looks like that's an undesirable side effect of a large initial cap, whether drop or stickup. Is there a way to eliminate this and still have a decorative initial cap, either drop, stickup, or just larger?

On a related subject, I notice that if I specify less than 1 em for margin-top or bottom, I get nothing in epub, though it works in Kindle. I also tried specifying in pixels, but that doesn't help either. Is a full linespace (1em) the only option?

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