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Regarding PDF ideas

Wow, you are going wild in your imagination there for the specific use-case of annotating a single PDF. But, well, AFAIR, the Pocketbooks (my small PB360 without stylus) implement a note taking feature that simply consists of pasting screenshots of marked stuff into a separate file (including link back to original location in book). I am not clearly remembering, but I don't think that I could actually enter some comments attached the snippet, but would strongly suppose the pen-enabled PBs do that.

Now, a referenced notebook relating to a document is a good idea, actually, I think a notebook referencing multiple documents makes even more sense. You are researching, right? Combining sources, cross-linking papers ... well, now we would approach actual authoring software for academic papers. I think it should stop at the "hyperlink notebook" state, though ... it would nicely replace an analog collection of snippets, earmarks/post-its on a pile of journals. It should not be extended into an Office suite (text editor and TeXLive in my case;-).

You might notice that I focus on separate note documents here. Well, adding pages to a PDF, while one is merging scribbles anyway, should be doable, but having it forth-and-back interlinked is tricky, IMHO. That would mean not just an overlay on existing content but actualy modification of the objects ... or, hm, when it's just an added marking that serves as the link hook, that might be fine. Whatever, I wanted to throw in that it would be beneficial to keep the note/extended annotation document separate and not necessarily intermingle it with one of your mass of reference papers.

This brings me back to the original topic of this thread: To efficiently work with multiple sources and your note document, you'd need multitasking (or a darn quick emulation of which) to easily switch between the notes and the referenced documents.

But, well, generally ... I see some enthusiasm about the current state of PDF support, so there might be hope that the M92 is indeed something for me once it can task multiply.

PS: Talking about multiple documents ... one can disable the Boox' database stuff and navigate documents by folder, right? Those indexers are evil ... putting the Bronstein math reference in HTML on the iRex gave it a good fit, with every formula being a bitmap file ...

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