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Angry MOBI -> EPUB conversion removes scene breaks

Hey guys,

I have a couple of eBooks in MOBI format here and I want to convert into the EPUB format since my eBook Reader handles this in a better way. I use the default settings for the conversion except that I check "Remove spacing between paragraphs" in the "Look & Feel" section of the conversion dialog. The resulting EPUB is fine and has only one -- for my taste -- rather annoying issue: all scene breaks are gone and there does not seem to be a visual difference between an ordinary paragraph and a scene break paragraph.

I enabled the debug output to analyse this problem further and it looks that the issue is introduced during the final processing step. More precisely, when I open the HTML file in the folder "structure", a scene break looks as follows:
<p class="calibre_132">blablabla</p>
<p class="calibre_119">blablabla</p>
and the style "calibre_119" contains "margin-top: 2em;" while "calibre_132" does not. Opening the HTML file also shows properly formatted scene breaks.

Viewing the HTML file in the folder "processed" yields the following code for the same part as above:
<p class="calibre17">blablabla</p>
<p class="calibre17">blablabla</p>
Apparently, the two different styles have been merged into the same one and consequently, the HTML file does not exhibit any scene breaks.

Is this a bug in Calibre or is there any setting that helps to retain the scene breaks during the processing step? I already played around with the "Heuristic Processing" settings, but neither of them turned out to help.

Thanks for your help in advance, cheers,


PS: I do not attach the respective MOBI file here since it is DRM restricted. If necessary, I can send it by PM though.
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