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Maybe to elaborate a bit further on that topic:

When I suggested that "split screen"-feature some month ago, I had a different approach. I wanted to be able to underline a specific part of the file (or select it via something akin to the two point zoom) and link the scribbles made with said underlined/selected part. Mono correctly pointed out that to this day, no software can do something like that.

For pdfs, however, I think it can be done. Here is how I would imagine such a feature:

- Underline/select a specific part of the page
- The screen splits, you can scribble
- Upon confirmation that you want to keep the scribbles, the scribbled parts are merged into the pdf (inserted at the end of the document). The underlining/selection in the original text now works as a text link to the scribbles appended at the end of the document.
- The split screen becomes an unsplit screen again

I am sure this would technically be possible. However, I see a severe drawback: Once you merge the scribbles into the pdfs, they can no longer be modified. Or am I mistaken?

If it were not for this drawback, I could not see a downside to such a feature. Of course, a mere split screen and the ability to scribble on a separate "sheet" of the M92 while reading would be a huge help already. But since you mentioned it, I wanted to elaborate a bit further on that topic an see what you think about it.

Considering how brilliantly Onyx handled usage of pdfs in the new Firmware, I think the simple task of appending scribbles is not out of their reach. I am definitely looking forward to any sort of multitasking.

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