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author-title metadata and file name

Hi there,

I'm a complete newbie. My question may have been answered in the past, in which case please forgive me and please point me to the url.

I have the latest calibre. I'm only using its viewer at present, but have begun experimenting with metadata.

I have a bunch of epubs and mobis downloaded from various sources like amazon, guttenberg,, and so on. They come with different manners of metadata and convention for file names. I'd like to adopt my own convention for the whole lot.

I want:

The file NAME to be "Author - Title - Language.epub" or "Author - Title -", e.g. "Joannot Martorell - Tirant lo blanc -" and "Joannot Martorell - Tirant lo blanc - Espanol.epub" AND the metadata to be consistent with the file name.

Currently Calibre does the opposite: title first, author second. Now I did see the much-advertised option to swap the title and the author, and that does indeed give me the correct file name, but then calibre displays Joannot Martorell as "title" and "Tirant lo blanc" as "author", which is wrong.

It's a little weird because Calibre itself orders things in folders sorted by author names, so somehow recognizes that sorting by author names is the way to go, but then does not apply this logic to the naming of the file.

Note that at present I am getting "Title -" and the "language" I am adding into the title itself on a case by case basis. But of course I'd really like to automate the process, with calibre reading the "language" and adding it to the file name after author and title.

I don't mind having long file names, I don't want them to be cropped, is there a way to extend the maximum number of characters allowed for a file name?

Also, as an extra (easier) question, how can I clear a "field"? For instance, I'd like to remove all ratings and all genres for all my files. I'm able to assign the same rating to all the files, but for some reason couldn't work out how to clear for all.

many thanks!
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