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Using .rar vs .gz, and unzipped vs zipped for step 1

I have a quick question. Do you actually unzip the data.tar file before copying the files over to the root in step 1 of the Kindle 4 Jailbreak (following the method on the Wiki)?

For me, since my default zipping program is Winrar, the file only shows up as data.tar, not data.tar.gz. Should I rename it? And once again, would I use the unzipped file or the archived file for copying into the root directory?

Currently, I renamed it by adding the .gz and copied the archived/zipped file over. I got the diagnostics, but when I get to selecting 'Q > To continue' nothing happens (it should restart).

For now it seems I'm stuck in daignostics mode. I was able to use the USB test to connect the device to get it to show up as a drive on my laptop to delete the files I had copied in (just connecting by usb wasn't showing the Kindle drive), but even after deleting the files and attempting to reboot the system via a hard reset I'm still stuck in diags mode. However, if I can solve the above and use the usb test to copy in hte files correctly I feel I may be able to jailbreak properly. Otherwise, I need to figure out how to get out of diags.

I have the 4.1.0 version, and got rid of Special Offers. TEQUILA System Diags says number

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