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Hey, NiLuJe. Sorry to intrude. I hope 93Terp doesn't mind. I was hoping you could help me with my small issue regarding groups of tags and automatic collections?

Is there any way to set up the automatic collections so that I can use two groups of the same kind of tag to make two separate collections, and name those collections as well?

Simply put, I need to set it up so that I have a collection that includes the "everyone" and "teen" content tag, and name the collection "Fanfiction", and another collection that includes the "mature" and "explicit" content tags and name that collection "Fanfiction+"

The problem is, I've only figured out how to make one group. There's only one entry for the "content".

See, I have the "Fanfiction+" collection set up, but I can't work out how to set up another group collection for the Everyone/Teen collection. It uses the content tags, but there's only one entry that uses "content" as the calibre source. I tried renaming another entry (For instance, the "characters" entry) to "content", but when I click "OK" and reopen the settings window, the entry is back to "characters".

Can you help me? If you need more info, or if I'm not making sense with my question, please let me know. I have a hard time explaining things sometimes.
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