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Originally Posted by NiLuJe View Post

* I could technically implement another pass that checks & convert/resize the files on the go (instead of just dumping them in the discarded folder) since that's essentially what part of the cover mode is doing, but with a full directory of screensavers, it would take a tremendous amount of time (minutes, probably) for a job that's ultimately better suited to the user on their shiny and powerful computer .

* Nope, one .bin at a time. (And, yep, python first is the way to go ).

* Yep, copying one of the other files there is a good way to do that on Windows.

Speaking of the cover mode, I'd like some feedback on how people think the covers look in the screensaver. I went the same way as the reader (meaning full screen, high quality scaling algorithm, aspect ratio intact, on a white background), but I had to play around with the gamma (after converting the files to grayscale to keep the filesizes down). So if you feel like the covers are too dark/light, I'd like to hear about it .

I'm extremely pleased with the cover mode, thank you very much for this!
I'm reading Eragon now, and the cover shows up as promised. However, due to its original resolution at 332x500, it does not cover the whole screen of my kindle paperwhite, leaving 2 white bars at the side. It cannot be helped I supposed. I think, not really sure, that the cover has been resized so it looks a little blurry. I would have preferred it to look sharper and more vibrant, but am still overall happy with this hack!
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