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Kindlefeeder alternative for Nook, Kobo etc???

I wonder if someone can help me.

I love the Kindlefeeder service for Kindles, but I want to get away from Amazon and use my Nook or another ePub reader like the Kobo or the Sony etc.

Is there an alternative to Kindlefeeder that works for these readers, and which will compile my newsfeeds as an ebook that I can download DIRECTLY over wifi?

Please understand I am NOT talking about Calibre. Yes, I know I can use Calibre to download my newsfeeds as an ebook onto my PC and then sideload it onto my ebook reader. I also believe if I set up my own online server I can use it to do the same over wifi. But I have no idea how to set up a server and I don't have a spare PC I can just leave running 24/7 to do that with.

I am talking about a simple, turnkey service that lets me download my newsfeeds directly, over the air, onto my Nook.

With my Kindle I can be anywhere in the world. If I get into a wifi hotspot I can open up my last Kindlefeeder file and from there download a new file, completely updated with all the latest news. I do not need to set up and run a server. I do not need to use a PC. Direct. Sweet. used to offer a similar service for everyone but for some bizarre reason they stopped. I would have happily paid them a yearly subscription for the service.

Nookfeed doesn't seem to work and would need a PC anyway.

Can anyone help?
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