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Originally Posted by jojoba View Post
I don't know much about it, but I'm sure it will do the job in terms of supporting pdf reading and annotation. I don't know how what dedicated android apps are out there for pdf management, but they probably exist. In any case, a folder structure in DropBox combined with iAnnotate for android would get you very far.

I had a quick look at this comparison:

Seems like the nexus actually beats the iPad for screen specs, at least for ppi, so that's something to consider for reading purposes. On the other hand, the iPad will give you more max storage with 64GB vs max 32GB on the Nexus. 32GB will get you very very far, though, if you're planning to primarily store pdf documents (as opposed to music and videos).

Another consideration is the operating system. If you have a mac or an iPhone, you might want consistency and go for the iPad; if you have an android phone, that could make you lean towards the Nexus.

Seems like the Nexus doesn't have a 3/4G version yet, which would be a deal breaker for me, but it comes down to use patterns - a lot of people with iPads have wifi only and don't feel the need for 3g.
Thanks very much again for your kindness! Actually I want to buy a Nexus 4 too so Nexus 10 may be my first choice.

Also, I usually stay in the campus so I think there will be quite a few hotspots.

Thanks for your advices

UPDATE: I did some quick search and found the Android version of iAnnotate

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