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Thanks Ken for your quick reply. I remember from previous questions how fast you were to help out..

I have since decided that it wasn't a good plan to have too many sub-folders in one folder anyways since it would take too long to work through it so I split the big folder up into 10 smaller ones. That appeared to solve the main problem of it not reading the folder at all but I didn't get too deep into it, just assumed it would be okay, and then I read your comment..

"P.S. For these particular devices you also want to have no more than three levels to
your file structure. So if you had a "Mysteries" folder in the root that had folders for
each of your 2001 authors, and then had series sub-folders under the author folders
you could be having problems because of that."

This may present a future problem as I know I have at least 4 levels in some folders.

Thanks for the tips in any case..

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