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Originally Posted by Booxtor View Post
Multitasking for current OS is in our task list, but it may take some time - it is quite complex.
We have to change file manager, sys status library, browser and every reader app. Most likely it will be available in 1.9 or even 2.0 (approx 4-6 months).
That's an answer at least, and one that does not smell of too much optimism, thanks. Though, I do wonder why it should be that complex. You just have to start multiple instances of readers ... the GUI to switch between them should be independent. But, well, I can only guess what the sys status library is supposed to handle. Basically I'd like a plain Linux with a simple window manager (there are lots for Linux ... even ones that have applications always in full screen), adapted to use the limited input the eInk devices offer. Combined with Suspend to RAM / flash (or really fast boot, like Pocketbook), all would be set. I have the feeling that those eReader GUIs are _too_ custom.

That brings me to the other part of your answer ...

Originally Posted by Booxtor View Post
Porting of Android will be finished sooner (appr. 2-3 months). So you can probably make experience with both kinds of multitasking solutions.
Android. That would cover my critique about always trying to reinvent everything. But, checking my new Android phone, I see that I wouldn't even get the kind of multitasking I want from it! I have the Adobe Reader on there and I seem to be unable to convince it to open two instances of itself, for having two documents open at the same time. I guess I'd need to install several different PDF readers to be able to have different PDFs open at the same time. Apps on Android are actually rather single-minded. Also, I didn't find a common shortcut to switch between open applications (only the settings->Apps dialog).

Is Onyx adding a custom GUI over Android to help the eBook use case? I admit that I don't know if Android on tablets is a bit more friendly for the people wanting to get work done.

Oh, and about the Pocketbooks: I really like the PB360 (though it seems to develop some hardware fault after years of abuse) and considered the PB912, but what is holding me back is the lacklustre computing power of the device. Specs for Onyx look a bit snappier; I'd like rendering to be a bit more responsive than on the old iRex.
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