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Thumbs up SALE on Amazon $0.99, harrowing, visceral YA Dystopian thriller!

BLADE AND BONE (The Hybreeds) is now on sale at Amazon at $0.99 only for a limited time!

It is a YA dystopian thriller filled with heart-stopping action, unexpected romance and searing, electrifying consequences.

A product of the hybreed program of the Great State, Hybreed 5-U-Y-1-N a.k.a. Suyin is a fifteen year old hybreed soldier. The Bio-Weaponry Research Unit of the Great State has been fusing and mixing human and animal genome to create young hybreed soldiers, whose ferocious and lethal animal prowess can be used with brutal efficiency against the enemies of the Great State. The training and treatment of these young hybreeds is harsh and harrowing. The hybreed soldiers are viewed as weapons, not soldiers, by the humans. Yet there is one human soldier who is willing to sacrifice everything, even his life, to protect Suyin. But there is much more at stake, and Suyin will be faced with an impossible choice as she learns the truth about the Great State and sees the unrelenting might and methods employed by the State in crushing not just its enemies, but its soldiers and civilians. But can she really control her mind and her heart, or has the choice been made for her? What does it mean to love and be human?

"Unflinching, unrelenting and unputdownable!"

"...touching and tormenting..."

"Gripping, visceral..."

GET IT NOW and Enjoy!

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