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Will Onyx Boox M92 get multitasking (opening of multiple books) anytime soon?

I know it is one the wishlist and was targeted as "planned, but not next release" ... now, there is a recent firmware release (1.8), so I wonder if we are close to a M92 that finally could replace my iRex DR1000.

The DR1000 is still the largest device you can (or, actually can't) get a hold of, with its 10.1 in display, but I guess a switch to the M92 would still be worth it (loosing pixels in one dimension only) to escape the braindead hardware design (my Android smartphone lasts 5 times as long as the eReader on a battery charge:-/) and, well ... the never-finished firmware of the iRex (kudos to mackx for the latest hack, still).

Now, I read that there are ex-iRex folks at Onyx. I really do not intend to buy a device based on promises. Again. So ... in essence, this is a question for Booxtor, as usual: Do you think (or can work some magic in that direction;-) that, say, in the next 6 months, the M92 will get the functionality to open several books/applications at the same time and switch between them? Or will it become obsolete before that feature is implemented?

What about fully open source firmware? OpenBOOX is not targeting the M92 ... and people are still too stupid to figure out that i.e. supporting adaption of openinkpot to an own device (and perhaps just plugging-in of the Adobe DRM crap) would give better software to users with less headache.

[deleted yammering on how the iRex had the functionality many years ago, but sadly sucks in other aspects, hardware and software; also how irritating it is that every eBook vendor wants to give Linux a bad name by cooking up its own idiosyncratic build with apparently not enough manpower to support it]

Sorry for the bitterness in this post, but I waited so long for a usable device to use as digital reading device and notepad (in an academic way), paid so much for a crappy design already, seen so many promises that were broken (remember the announced 12 in readers?) ... can someone (again, I suppose Booxtor might try) lead me to believe that the M92 will become to fulfill its promise to be actually a useful, better replacement for the iRex DR1000, just lacking a bit of screen real estate (bitter as that is already)?

PS: And no, I don't want no frikkin tablet with LCD screen. Come back when you got to offer a 12" Mirasol tab with stylus accurate to 0.1 mm, compensating pen angle and minimal parallax issues, not to forget the effective battery life of at least a week.

PPS: Which brings me to the Wacom question: Does the M92 actually incorporate pen angle for proper aiming without having the wrist bolted to the exact same pattern as when calibrating? The tech supports it, but already the DR1000 failed to use it properly.
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