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Layout Questions

Hi guys,

I’m just starting out with all of this and I’m a little overwhelmed with everything you can do in the world of epubs/digital publishing. I’m not really sure where to best focus my efforts for what I want to accomplish and was hoping to get some advice…

My end goal is to be able to provide layout services for independent authors. I’d also like to be able to do brochures, flyers, etc. - but really my main concern is layout (rather than actual content creation).

I’m not sure if there is certain terminology used for people who strictly do layout. I want to know terms to be on the lookout for. I’m someone who constantly likes to learn and is always searching for new materials…but without knowing the proper terms I’m a bit lost at what I should be looking for. Could anyone tell me if there are certain terms I need to know?

Also, I’m not sure of the best tools to use. I’ve been using Indesign and really like it so far. I did some of the tutorials on, and can definitely see why InDesign is so well respected. However, upon searching these forums, I feel like people are saying InDesign is a pain and that there are better alternatives. I wasn’t sure if this was in regards to the entire epub process….or if this was specifically in regards to layout too?

If InDesign really is the best option for layout I’d like to stick with it. I just don’t want to train myself with one software if there is another that is a better alternative.

Any advice/help you guys could give me would be very very appreciated. Also, feel free to ask me to clarify if parts don’t make sense – I know I can be a bit rambly.

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