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connecting terminal to PB via BT or USB


I try to connect a terminal program (Hyperterminal running on PC with XP) to my PocketBook (Pro612).
Because I don't know how to use the USB connection, I tried the built-in Bluetooth. If there is any USB solution I would be glad to hear.

After starting BT on PC I started Hyperterminal on the virtual BT Com (Com7,38400,8,n,1). Then I activated BT on PocketBook and switched to PoTerm. The command "hciconfig -a" showed the device /dev/hci0 is ready und up. With "hcitool scan" I saw the PC. The "hciattache" was running on device /dev/ttySAC1.
Then I started the rfcomm with the following command
"rfcomm -i hci0 listen /dev/rfcomm0 7 &"
followed by
"getty 38400 /dev/rfcomm0"
to get a login on PocketBook. However I could not connect. Nothing appears on Hyperterminal. After some seconds the getty finished with no message.
Is there anything I missed? Any ideas? What did I wrong?

Any help is welcome.

Thanks an greetings
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