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Calendar at a glance

Originally Posted by KTREADER View Post
Anyone know how to add a calendar in text or e-pub format ?
Would be nice to keep track of flight times or appointments.

I like to keep a phone number list handy and since I don't use a cell phone,I thought having it handy on my kobo Touch would be a real bonus.I don't use other electronic toys,so Kobo is my only resource while traveling.
Using Notepad or any other text editor i typed in my necessary info like
names,address,and phone numbers.Saved on the root of my Kobo.
Works like a charm.Naming the file "Phone List" made it easy to search quickly,then added it to my shortlist.

A 12 month calendar on one page is available in jpg,pdf,or you can convert it yourself to e-pub if desired.
Not sure if i can post this link here or not but the calendar is free at this link for download
The pdf file on the Kobo works nicely since you can touch and drag the calender on the screen and also enlarge or zoom in on one month.
Just rename and copy,paste the file to the root of your Kobo.
I will try to upload the free calendar.
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