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Reader for RSS-feeds and maybe some epub-books

Hi there,

first i thought about an ereader for reading scientific documents (biochemistry - so some pictures + chemical formulas) - and was ready to pay a bigger amount for the reader - but as they are mainly pdf and this seems to be a problem i changed the use for the reader:

I am also reading a lot of abstracts only -
an example
so handling rss-feeds would be the main use for the reader.
Downloading them in the morning/evening - and as it takes me an hour from/to work - i would use the time for reading and working with the feed entrys.

The pictures don't have to be shown perfect- the text is more important.
Also it would be nice to bookmark interesting abstracts (feed entrys) to read the whole article later on tablet/desktop.
A dictionary (german english for some words) would also be good. And maybe the possibility to take some notes.
Also i would prefer if the reader could use epub - as i got a calibre (using linux - if this matters) library where i would want to test to convert some books from pdf.

Beside the feeds for my work i would also use this for some "normal" news feeds.

Before i was thinking about the Sony PRS-T2 or the Onyx Boox i62 - but as i thing rss feeds are a task a lot of readers may handle quite well also some of the readers costing less than 100 Euros are in for the race.

Which one would you suggest me??

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