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Hello, everyone. I need some help.

Here's what I want to do:

I have a number of fanfics downloaded using the FFDL plugin. The fanfics have a content rating of: Everyone, Teen, Mature, and Explicit. What I want to do is to make two collections automatically: One for "Everyone/Teen" and another for "Mature/Explicit"

I believe I know how to make a collection for one group. If I set the calibre source "content" to "create" a collection renaming these patterns:


To these patterns:

General Fanfiction

I should get the first half of the problem sorted.

But, what do I do for the "Mature/Explicit" collection? There's only one "content" entry in the "Customize Kindle Collections" window. How do I make a second collection using different tags but the same source? Because I also want to create a collection using "content" source, and I want to rename these patterns:


To these patterns:

Adult Fanfiction

How would I go about this? Thanks for your help!
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