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Originally Posted by m3l7d0wN View Post
I've just updated my T1 to 1.04 (I wanted to install the modified reader).
The problem is that after every reboot the device will do the reinitialization.
Also, a minor problem, everytime I plug in the usb cable, it appears usb debug enable in the notification bar.
I had the same issue despite using both uboot's restore packages at this thread.

I had installed porkupan packages and I wanted to switch to rupor's but when trying to flash rupor's AMR I had errors in update script.

It turned out I had to reverse each single package in order to have a clean status on which to apply another flash package.

In my case I applied disable-adb and restore-set from porkupan's flash packages, this fixed both adb notification (that I thought had been cleaned by the Sony's firmware upgrade) and the nagging initialization on every boot.

I just re-read uboot's thread and only this time I understood that
There are reports of the reader being unable to store settings with this packages and asking for initial settings on every boot.
applies to both pakages.

The packages' description and the way the post is formatted with the sentence
This package has been reported to work.
before first download link suggested me that only Package 2 had issue while the Package 1 was a sure way to go.
This seems to not be the case, I had issues of re-initialization with both packages, well applied (I checked logs and I kept them apart).

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