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Is there any way to cut my Kindle off from Amazon entirely?

Dear Dudes and Dudettes,

I want an e-reader. I'm also very protective of my privacy. Is there some sort of hack I can install on the Kindle Paperwhite or any other e-reader that cuts it off from the manufacturer entirely?

Really what I'd like is a Kindle Keyboard variant or similar, but really I'll use any device that doesn't cause me eye strain greater than that of an ordinary LED-backed monitor. What I'd like is no syncing with the manufacturer, no remote access, no firmware updates. If I have to install vanilla android or some other ROM on the ereader, that's fine, I just want to own my own device and keep my business my business.

I would like to be able to connect it to the network via wifi too, although I suppose that eliminating the ability for it to do that would be adequate to ameliorate any privacy concerns.

I figure that if I don't use the ebooks available via my library's program and instead buy books from amazon, I can buy them on my computer and then transfer them to the ereader. Works for me.

One thing I'd prefer not to hear about is how my concern for privacy is unnecessary if I'm not doing anything shady. I'm not. Others might not value privacy, and that's fine, but I do. That's the major sticking point that's keeping me reading squid stains on dead trees rather than with a nice, light, compact device. If I can't get what I want, if no such hack exists, I'll stick with dead trees.

I apologize if this question is too general for this forum. Please let me know if that is the case and I'll move it.

Thanks for reading. I mean that in more ways than one.
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