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Thanks for your replies Bertolt and Katie1, I have a kindle 6" given to me as a present last Christmas. I like the idea of a second cheap ereader Bertolt which is why I started the thread. AnemicOak suggested an Onyx, Bookeen or pocketbook none of which are easily available where I am - but I am resourceful ;-) Also the nook will be available soon in the Uk so that's a possibility if I just don't register the device.

As an aside I found this article from 2010 (probably familiar to most here but new to me) on what information is collected from your ereader

And this from 2009

I realise I'm late to the party but I imagine that in the 2 yrs since this article the amount of info available to retailers like Amazon is huge. As I routinely strip the DRm from my books and store them in a cloud 'till I want to read them because I don't want to be restricted to Amazon for the rest of my life, I am concerned that at some point Amazon will take action - hence my desire for an unafiliated alternative. cheap cheerful and reliable, it doesn't have to be pretty, I don't want to browse the web just load content and read. I do want e-ink though so no tablet.
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