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Originally Posted by knc1 View Post
See if you can find the answer in this thread:

The author of the guide should be subscribed to that thread.
If you don't find the answer then post your question there about how get the driver to install.


I was *this* close to giving up and buying a new Kindle.
But the comatose is returned!

And it's not even going slow as it was for weeks leading up to this.
I couldn't have wifi on without losing it on the first or second page turn.


ps A couple of changes to the wiki page - but I can't do it (no-brain strikes...) so if someone else has the chance:
- to swap steps 5 and 4
- to swap steps 9 and 10 (because step 10 resets first box of operation settings section to all zeroes)
- maybe mention the right-click on ATK and select 'Run as administrator'; I thought it meant being able to change user passwords etc in Windows, believed I was unlimited. Bright enough, but zero experience. (If it had been a dead language on the other hand...)
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