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Lightbulb Engineering Thesis, "Readability of text in present eBooks readers""

Hi Everyone!
I'm new on this forum so I will introduce myself in a few words. I'm a student from Poland, this year I am finishing my studies in Polygraphy (printing etc.) on Warsaw University of Technology. I am also writing my engineering thesis semester. I am interested in methods of every kind of digital publications from commercials to mobile apps. My subject sounds: "Readability of text in present eBook readers".
This is how I see it:

1) About Screens: LCD, eink, oled, Liquavista
2) Fonts used in traditional books
2) Fonts used in eBooks (differences etc.)
4) File formats (advantages and disadvantages) this one supposed to be highly developed
5) Ways to prepare files for eReaders (programs)
6) Here I want to write about 3-5 five readers. They should be popular and different from each other as much as possible. Iíve choose : iPad, one of Kindle eInk, and the third is unknown for now, any ideas?

Middle part/Testing:
1) Here I want to prepare few different tests prepared in different formats and I want people to read it and then count how long it took them to read. Any ideas how else I can measure readability?

Ending/ Conclusion

Also I wanted to ask you, if you guys know a literature which can be helpful in this subject. Even if everything is written in Internet I need some "real" publications.

I am really glad I found you - community and I would really appreciate your help

PS. Sorry for English mistakes it is not perfect yet.
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