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Northguy began at the beginning.
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@Vlad: Continuation

Did some experimenting again. Kept the Open_Base_dir as-is. This works like a charm without difficult things like mounting.

Fixed the downloading of files also again by changing the last line in fetch.php to:
I don't know where you use the setting $config['cops_x_accel_redirect'] further but changed this one back to 'location' as this was the setting before experimenting.

Detailed view of a cover image still results in an error as described above.

Below you can find two images:

1 ) Error show when clicking on a cover thumbnail in order to see a larger version of the cover

2) Example of how fancybox messes with the book details.

Tried to include some screendumps directly from the PRS-T1, but the screendump feature only sees the background info and not the contents of the fancybox.

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