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Originally Posted by AlPe View Post
For anyone interested: download cc-shared-culture-20120130.epub from

The epub:trigger is a good way to define the play/pause/mute/unmute controls.

However, still no idea about "confining" an audio element to play only when the XHTML page is actually rendered, and to stop it when the XHTML page is changed. (For example, from my test, iBooks seems to stop the audio when you go back, but not when you go forward)

Also, SMIL does not seem suitable for what I want.
Has anyone tried this epub:trigger? I downloaded this cc-shared-culture-20120130.epub and epub:trigger seems to be not supported (I used calibre, FBReader, and epubReader in Firefox). I tried also to write some example using instructions from but also without a success (no actions are triggered when I click on the Play/Pause/... 'buttons').

If you managed to have this working could you please say on which reader you launch it? And one more thing, namely is there a need to have some JavaScipt for this (as it was in case of ops:trigger)?
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