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Well, since Im apparently the only person concerned about this, I might as well continue my monologue...

As it seems, the Japanese Kindle store has launched today! 50,000 Japanese-language books and more than 15,000 manga! Great news! Great news? Well, not really...

Ive tried to download some book samples to my tablet, but as it seems, it is impossible to buy books or even dl samples from outside Japan. Amazon tells me I cant buy/dl these books due to copyright restrictions.

Amazon promotes the Paperwhite on its international product page with enhanced support for Japanese and there are also Japanese dictionaries preinstalled yet you cannot buy Japanese books! What the f---?!

So Kobo AND Amazon both suck in this aspect. Why cant I buy digital books from Japan when I can order physical copies without any problems?

Oh, and the Paperwhite only costs 8,480 Yen?! Thats 82 Euro or 106 US-Dollar!
Standard US price is 119 Dollar and standard European price is 129 Euro.

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