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I just got my fourth glow light today. The first three developed holes. I never dropped any of them--or dropped anything on them-- but didn't use a cover for the first two. I did use a cover for the third one but it developed a hole anyway. So I got another cover for this fourth one, even though I really don't think it will help. The first one got a hole sitting on my bedside table, and the second one got one in a separate pocket in my briefcase. The third one got a hole sitting by my bed again.

I think B&N is trying very hard to cover up this problem. I posted about it on the B&N website, but that was 2 weeks ago and it still hasn't appeared. I've been dealing with my local B&N store, and while they have been gracious and helpful, the clerks all act surprised and say they rarely see this problem. I just don't believe that.

I feel bad, as I like to support a bricks and mortar store. But I had a very inexpensive Kindle first and I really could just throw it in my purse and not worry about anything. Plus the Amazon interface is easier and more helpful, I think. Plus I've been noticing that some of the books I've checked are less expensive on Amazon--not to mention all of the free books they have.

So I'm getting the new Kindle, even though I have the 2 year warranty on this glow light. It's not worth the hassle. Too bad.
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