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I have edited the wiki to reflect my understanding of these 2 issues, as I see them.

Please feel free to change to reflect your understanding so we can nut this out.

Here is the "top" of the wiki:

There seem to be two issues when converting a .LIT Microsoft Reader file that occur with links embedded in an ebook for footnotes (bottom of each page) or other notes (end of each chapter).

If your notes links do not work the deciding factors of which issue it is seems to be the following:

* (1) The incorrectly-mapped hyperlink bug - notes links will be "randomly" incorrect. Occurs with ebooks with many notes files. eg note1.html, note2.html...etc

* (2) The all notes hyperlinks point to the table of contents bug - notes links will all point to the table of contents.html even though there are no notes in there.

Occurs with ebooks which have many notes in the main ebook's .html not as separate files.
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