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Ugrade Kindle Fire to HD

Originally Posted by WillysJeepMan View Post
I bought a KF v1 on day 1 (of v1 availability), used it extensively and then traded it in for a KFHD on day 2 (of HD availability).

Although the KFv1 had a "boring" design, I actually liked it. It just felt like a solid, high quality tablet. The HD is even nicer. Amazon's "smartcase" is a very, very nice (but expensive) accessory. This combo (HD+case) is comfortable to hold for reading as well as for media playback.

I thought that the screen on the v1 was terrific. The HD is better. The sound on the v1 wasn't bad. The HD is amazing. The 8GB of the v1 was a bit cramped. The 16GB of the HD is quite acceptable.

After a while, I rooted the v1 and flashed an ICS-themed CM7 ROM. But with the HD, simply having ADW Launcher EX as an option allows the best of both worlds. Although I can root it there is currently no way (short of deregistering) to prevent a firmware upgrade from wiping out the root. But even if there was, I think that I'll keep it in the dual mode for the duration.

The downside is for those of us who use OSX and sideload media. Not being able to sync the HD directly is a real downer. The Android File Transfer tool works adequately enough for hardwired-file transfer. I will probably install the WiFi File Transfer tool that I use for my GTab 2 7.0 (same syncing issue) for wireless transfers.

Hope this helps.
Hello, can you tell me how you upgraded to Kindle HD ? From what I am reading on your thread, you didn't buy the new Kindle simply did an upgrade. I know I am not even close to being as computer literate as yourself, so any info you can give me on how to do this would really be appreciated !!
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