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Originally Posted by susan_cassidy View Post
If the Kindle is going into wi-fi without you telling it to, it is defective. I'd call Kindle Support about this.
Thanks, it's nice to get feedback that confirms my thought that this shouldn't happen, will give CS a call

Graham, thanks for your response. I started backing up after reading about account closures by Amazon but am happy that I have done so as I am much more aware now of the issues around digital content and their ownership. I am not going out to buy a new device immediately but I have a teenage son who I am thinking of passing my kindle to so could be in the market for a new ereader after Christmas. I am interested in looking at alternatives to the kindle and Sony models that seem to be so prevalent and to be honest am uncomfortable with the amount of control Amazon seem to be able to exert should they wish to do so - I accept I may be slightly paranoid but that doesn't mean they're not following me
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