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Originally Posted by llasram View Post
No, they are the same. I just got myself backwards when thinking about what was causing the bug and put "shortest" when "a longer" was correct. This most commonly shows up with footnotes because you'll have files like note1.html, note2.html, ..., note44.html. ConvertLIT internally has a list of filename IDs which are usually the filename without the extension (note1, ..., note44). To fix-up the link it searches through this list, but does so in a way which doesn't distinguish between a full match and an initial substring match. So if it's looking for 'note1' and it finds 'note14' first, then it'll link to 'note14.html' instead of 'note1.html'.

Sorry for the confusion, but the good news is that in the future you can use calibre with 'lit2oeb' and not need fix things up by hand . If you try 'lit2oeb' and footnote links still aren't correct, please file a bug on the calibre trac so that it can be fixed.

Hope this helps,

Thanks for your effort, you are the first person to really discuss this issue with me. I think you are more knowledgeable than me by a long way how Calibre works.

However I did not have any notes links having the error you describe - the ebooks in question did not have footnotes but just a number after a sentence and then at the end of a chapter a list of note numbers each with the associated note text. There are no notes in the Table of contents pages which is what each note was linking to.

So in my case everything about the link was correct, if note 14 it was note 14 never note 1. Only problem was it was searching in the Table of Conents page which had no note links at all.

Could your problem be fixed by the same find and replace method that fixes mine?

Note that it wasn't the longest or shortest filename that defined the error - just that it pointed to the table of contents.html

Do you still think it is the same?

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