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Originally Posted by llasram View Post
I'd seen that before but hadn't actually understood what the author was getting at. Looking at it again, I realize it's the hyperlink file-mapping bug in ConvertLIT. This is fixed in calibre when using the calibre-native LIT-extraction code, and I've updated the wiki to reflect this fact.
I was the author of that article...some time ago now. Note I use capitalization not as shouting but for explanation (same as in the wiki)

These issues are not the same, IMHO.

First off a basic explanation of the two issues -
ConvertLIT has a bug which will cause references to files sharing a common filename prefix to all refer to the shortest-named so-prefixed file. My fix has nothing to do with fixing this error (which is a somewhat similar error that I have not encountered) but only to fix NOTES links where after conversion you would find all your notes links would bring you back to the Table of Contents page rather than to the note you wanted to read.

Because in my ebooks CHAPTER links work in the exploded .LITs if browsing as webpages and only the NOTES links do not work.

All NOTES links were pointing to, one example, 20002285toc.html (table of contents)
rather than the main text 20002285.html.

In this case the longer file name was being pointed to not the shorter (in your case you are talking about referring to a shorter file name only). Further, in my cases this was always the table of contents which was always a small .html.

In my wiki article "smallest" meant .html file size not filename length.

My fix seems to be unrelated to works of fiction and only occurs in non-fiction books that have a large number (several hundred) of NOTES links (as fiction books generally do not have hundreds of links).

In your case I guess you would also be talking about Chapter links, in my cases these were perfect.

What do you think?

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