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Best warranty for the money

I started out with the original kindle. And that thing was great, until it fell off my night stand and i accidentally stepped on the screen. Couldn't afford another after that and it was past the amazon 1 year warranty. Last year, around this time i bought a kindle keyboard 3G SO. And it was great, maybe not as good as the original because it didn't have a SD card slot for infinite storage, but it was still better then carrying 100's of books around in your pocket. And about a couple of days after the amazon 1 year warranty expired i somehow (must have done it in my sleep) broke the screen on it. (and I've totally looked up a replacement screen for both of them, but by the time you pay for the screen and the shipping from china and go through the pain of installing it, its not really worth it) So, I bought a kindle paperwhite SO Wifi from best buy the other day and I really like it but i would definitely would like to get a warranty for it this time.

I know best buy offers a 2 or 3 year warranty and square trade offers a cheaper 2 or 3 year warranty. I know amazon also offers an extended warranty but i'm not sure i can get that one since i bought the kindle at best buy.

The best buy warranty sound convenient since supposedly all i have to do if i have any problems is walk in to a best buy store and depending on the severity of the problem they just give me a new kindle.

But the square trade warranty is cheaper, and they promise to fix it or get me a refund in 5 days.

I don't know anything about the amazon extended warranty other then i think they used to use square trade for there warranty and i think they use something else now. Again i'm not even sure i can get an extended amazon warranty since i didn't buy it from amazon.

So I'm wondering what the best warranty i can get for it? Any one have any experience (good or bad) with any of these warranties? Anyone know of a better warranty service then the ones i've listed?

Thanks a lot (hope i posted this in the right place)
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