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Chaley is one of the authors of Calibre Companion and a major contributor to calibre.

The Amazon readers, Fire, Paperwhite etc. are very popular but they're all locked to the Amazon ecosystem. A more open alternative to the Paperwhite would be the Nook Simple Touch with Glowlight or the Kobo Glo. I can vouch for the Simple Touch as connecting perfectly as a USB device. All of the e-ink readers, including the Paperwhite, still use USB connections, so read the other threads about Paperwhite issues and then decide if the device is for you.

A more open alternative to the Fire would be any full Android tablet. I have the Nexus 7 and while it too is an mtp device, it runs Calibre Companion, which is both fast and much more functional than a simple USB connection.

If you are invested in Amazon books, those are DRM locked to Amazon and you can't read them on other e-ink readers, such as the Simple Touch or Kobo Glo. You can install Kindle software on any full Android tablet and read Amazon books using that software, while there are several other reading products, both free and paid, that you can also install and use to read unlocked books and books DRMed from other stores.

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