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Originally Posted by daffy4u View Post
Congrats on your new purchase! Since your's is brand spanking new, doesn't it already come with the new firmware? Or is the sale clearing out stock of models that haven't yet been upgraded?

BTW, this morning I shared a flight and a row with a man who had a Sony Reader (he noticed me reading my Kindle but his Sony was still in his briefcase). Unfortunately, just as we were starting to converse about the Sony and the Kindle, I realized I was in the wrong seat. Same row but too far away for us to chat. So I almost saw a Sony Reader in the wild!
From What I can tell it is not upgraded yet. Firmware Ver. so I guess they are still clearing out the back stock.

Busily Getting Calibre setup right now and then will flash the firmware and hook it up. After years of knowing everything there is to know about my REB1100 I know feel a little lost having to learn a new device and software all over again. But I am very excited about my new Sony.

Thanks everyone.
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