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The lighting down the bottom of the Kindle in an ATROCIOUS! To say that it's uneven is an understatement, it's CLEARLY much brighter in the middle and very dark on the right. There are also a few hot light points across the screen. There is also a bluish patch in the top right of the display.

After downloading a few more books to investigate the Kindle further, it suddenly froze in the middle of a book. Had to force turn off the Kindle. Now when I turn it on it's just all white. The strange thing is, when I close it with the case on, the screen savers appear, but when I open the screen savers just stay on and the kindle does nothing.

Going to investigate this further. What a complete waste if it's broken, going to spend more on shipping sending the old one back and getting the new one here than the value of the item.

When I first read about people's issue's with the product, I assured myself that it can't be that wide spread, and people were exaggerating the issue. I was clearly mistaken.

So angry right now...
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