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I had "custom_column_settings" instead of "custom_columns_settings" in the override section of the ini. Please ignore my stupidity.

ANOTHER EDIT: I was wondering if there was a way to get a custom column to report the ratio of likes:dislikes? What I'm working toward is being able to sort first by total views, and then by likes/Dislikes ratio to approximate fimfiction's rating system (And generally just browse my catalog easily by rating.) What you've done so far is wonderful, so I don't want to push it.

ANOTHER EDIT X2: Gah. I feel like I'm being a nuisance. I've added "dislikes=>#dislikes,r total_views=>#views,r" to the "custom_solumns_settings" in the personal ini. Now I get an error. "too many values to unpack". The custom columns entries only need to be separated by a space, right? Is it possible to have more than one custom column entry in the personal.ini?

Everything below this line is silliness:

Thank you for your help, Jimm! Unfortunately, I feel kinda stupid right now.

I'm looking at this page of the thread. Specifically this part:

## (Plugin Only) - You can also populate calibre custom columns with
## the site specific metadata using custom_columns_settings (but only
## if 'Allow custom_columns_settings from personal.ini' is checked in
## the plugin GUI config.) There are three parts, the entry name,
## then the label of the calibre custom column, then (optionally) a
## 'mode'. 'r' to Replace any existing values, 'a' to Add to existing
## value (use with tag-like columns), and 'n' for setting on New books
## only.
## Make sure to keep at least one space at the start of each
## line.
custom_columns_settings: cliches=>#acolumn,r themes=>#bcolumn,a timeline=>#ccolumn,n
But I can't seem to get the custom columns to work right. If I understand correctly, if I wanna have a column for likes, I need:

custom_columns_settings: likes=>#Likes,r

Is that right? What is meant by the "Label of the calibre custom column"? Is that the lookup name? Or the Column Heading? Because I've tried both. The lookup name for the likes column is "likes" and the column heading is "Likes".

I don't think I'm doing this right.

Just to check: the likes column needs to be an integer column, right? Format: {0:}

Also, I have FFDL set to allow custom_column_settings to overwrite.

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