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Error: Large File or Table?


I have a regimen which pushes out multiple technical publications on a periodic basis. I do the XML myself (generated by a program) and emerge with no problems.. until now.

My program generates EPUBS that Kindlegen has no problems with. Kindlegen forces closed a missing tag here or there, but otherwise has zero issues with my submissions.

Now size may be irrelevant here (that is what he/she said , I just pass that as maybe helpful information -- Here, I have a very large EPUB. It is 50 MB uncompressed. 10 MB or so compressed.

Kindlegen hangs on it (so does SIGIL, so does Calibre.. I don't usually use them, but did so to try and troubleshoot this).

When Kindlegen hangs, I go to the linenumber in the source XML file.. and nothing jumps out at me as the cause of error.

I have even tried HTML-Tidying the file. HTML Tidy finds FIVE issues in a 50 MB file. Not bad. But the HTML Tidy issues are not even broached by Kindlegen.

I am at a loss for where to look next. Looking at the Kindlegen linenumbers (where it hangs) has not helped. HTML Tidy errors are prolly easily dispatched by Kindlegen anyway.. and are a far distance from the the line numbers that Kindlegen gags on.

I'm stumped. I don't want a specific answer here with this info I provide.. just a hint of where to look.

At the moment.. all I can think of is size issues (he/she) said. But, that does not seem right.

Aside from mega-file size.. the only other issue I can think of is tables. Kindlegen is gagging in vicinity of tables. Though.. HTML Tidy has had minor issues with those tables (5 errors about extraneous crap within the <th> and so on).

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